"Standard of Excellence"



The Beginnings

Larry Elliott and Dale Graham founded Paragon NDT & Finishes, Inc.. 

These quiet, unassuming technicians built the business on the basis of  "Superior Quality or Nothing". Paragon earns the reputation of "doing things others either couldn't or wouldn't do".

It all started in a small stone house on West Street, 'without even a paper clip'. Perseverance, skilled personnel and the knowledge that there was a definite need were their main assets in 1979 and remains so today.


New Facility Completed

Our 24,000 square foot plant was built equipped with the latest inspection and processing equipment and procedures. The newly built facility was compared to something out of a James Bond movie containing an overhead monorail system allowing for ease in moving parts through the various processes and other technologies ahead of the times. Larry Elliott was known by many for his inventive mind and the original building exemplified this.



Creation of NDT Learjet Testing Manual

Learjet's engineering department was receiving inconsistent inspection results from operators throughout the world making the data useless, so they reached out to Paragon for help. Learjet contracted Larry Elliott and Paragon to author the Learjet Non-Destructive Inspection Manual. The manual provided very specific and detailed inspection instructions to achieve consistency for NDI facilities around the world.  This manual, along with training seminars conducted in countries around the world, provided the information necessary for engineering to gain confidence in the inspection process of  Learjets worldwide. "People know that largely, air travel is safe, but they don't know why. We are a part of that process.", said Larry Elliott.

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